Abilash Sethu


Based in Palakkad, CTO – Diviso Softtech

Always curious about technology, after bachelor degree,  joined for an internship program in java. That was the beginning of the professional career. A transformation from a techie to an entrepreneur was always challenging. Good mentoring helped to smoothen the journey. Can adapt fastly to the bleeding edge technology. Capable to give technical guidance to the team. Has the real spirit of an entrepreneur.

Sruthy K C


Based in Thrissur , CEO – Diviso Softtech 

She is a person who likes to be the master of her destiny. She defines success in her own terms and achieves it by her own rules. Ready to lead the life of an entrepreneur, despite knowing all the challenges ahead. With all interest to transform the society and to be a job provider. Planning for the growth with the support of an energetic mentor. Had the Grit, ability to survive financial turmoils. The journey taught and enlightened that businesses should be TRANSFORMATIONAL. Ready to take all kind of responsibilities. She breaks away from the routine and does all she can to lead the life she wants to live – “make the world a better place for everyone”  

Ajith Prasad Anand Sadanam

Co-Founder Based in Palakkad ,  Diviso Softtech
Strongly influenced by the power of the crowd – open source, crowd sourcing, crowd funding; collective, situational, shared – leadership and ownership; and Servant Leadership: Ajith is passionately engaged in transforming a limited liability company into a social entrepreneurial venture.

Life is a transformative experience for him. During his lifetime, He would explore to script the future – a collective future achieved through synergistic and symbiotic collaboration, by mindfully engaging in the present.