Businesses were thought to be transactional. Our Journey taught us otherwise – Our beginning as interns at LXI Technologies, graduating into startup co-founders of social entrepreneurship – the journey taught and enlightened us that – Businesses should be TRANSFORMATIONAL”.During the transaction of buying and selling, in order to be transformational, instead of merely focusing on the “result” of buying and selling, the focus should be on each “act” of the transaction to positively transform the process and people involved for better for long-term results. We strongly believe that we can transform the world to be a better place. Building a product targeting a global audience is not a small task. Last two years, our efforts have convinced us that with hard and smart work we will be able to succeed. The solution we are building leveraging the mobile and IoT platforms, cloud, container-based applications, Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices, and Artificial Intelligence has the potential to disrupt the market, and launch us into a Global Brand.